Bullet Journal // Week One


A full week into 2018 and I’ve managed to eat healthy, drink lots of water and loose 7lbs. I think that weight is from constantly needing a wee with all the extra water I’ve been drinking. I work with cakes surrounding me all day long and it is living nightmare if you want to diet when a freshly baked cake looking fabulous comes past you. My willpower is holding strong for the first week.

I’ve kept to using my bullet journal for little things this week and it’s been nice to sit back in the evening and doodle. I’ve got a little list of all the things that I would like to have a try at in my bullet journal to help with creativity and learning new skills, and there’s just so much inspiration across Pinterest and Instagram, it’s really gotten me wanting to improve myself.

It’s been nice returning to normality in a way after having the Christmas holidays where no one knew what day it was and everything merged into each other. The girls both loved being back at school again as they began to miss their friends and I’ve enjoyed being back at work again and talking to people about their New Year’s and Christmas holidays.


I’ve even managed to improve my latte art skills too a little bit. I’ve only mastered doing a heart but baby steps.

How has your first week been?

Rhiannon xxx


Bullet Journal: Week 28


This week I went for a bit of a spacey kinda theme as I had some shooting star washi tape I’d been wanting to use. I had a little bit of a play around with my watercolours and my crayons which you could add water too as well this time. I think I need just a little bit more getting used to them as it looks a little scruffy in places but overall I’m quite happy with how it turned out.

Check who learnt to drink water this week! That’s right, I did. Mainly because I just kept filling my glass up at work every time it got empty, I just need to remember to do that at home too instead of opening the wine.

Bullet Journal: Week 27


This is how I set out Week 27 in my Bullet Journal. I like how I can see what’s going on but I need the boxes in more of an order just because I felt it was a bit chaotic. I actually had fun for a change and got the kids’ blow pens out and just decided to have fun with it. Even got the trusty washi tape in there for good measure too.

One thing I’ve learnt from this week is that I am absolutely shit at drinking water. I need to set myself an alarm or something when I’m at work and stop drinking tea and coffee so much. It is going to have to be a goal to get them all filled in each day.

How to Start a Bullet Journal


I love my bullet journal. It’s turned into a piece of item I can’t be without and has been a massive help for when it comes to remembering appointments, work schedules, trips with the girls or even if I’ve just said I’d pop round a friend’s for a coffee. Actual lifesaver. Every one that I see is completely different and I love being able to search across Instagram and Pinterest for some inspiration that I can use inside my own.

If you had thought about starting one recently, then it is so easy! Here are the basics of what you’ll need:

♥ A journal. You can use any note pad that your heart desires. I’ve gone with Scribbles that Matter one in blue. It’s A5 size and all the inside of it is dotted.

♥ Pens. Now as a bit of a stationery addict I have plenty of them around but my favourite have been the Staedlter Fineliners in a pack of 36 to just make is even more colourful.


Next, you might want to decorate you diary or keep it simple. It is all completely up to you now. To add bits of colour in mine along with drawings and watercolour pictures I have some washi tapes, coloured pencils and paints.


If you use a bullet journal then I’d love to see what your spreads and layouts look like