Bullet Journal // Week One


A full week into 2018 and I’ve managed to eat healthy, drink lots of water and loose 7lbs. I think that weight is from constantly needing a wee with all the extra water I’ve been drinking. I work with cakes surrounding me all day long and it is living nightmare if you want to diet when a freshly baked cake looking fabulous comes past you. My willpower is holding strong for the first week.

I’ve kept to using my bullet journal for little things this week and it’s been nice to sit back in the evening and doodle. I’ve got a little list of all the things that I would like to have a try at in my bullet journal to help with creativity and learning new skills, and there’s just so much inspiration across Pinterest and Instagram, it’s really gotten me wanting to improve myself.

It’s been nice returning to normality in a way after having the Christmas holidays where no one knew what day it was and everything merged into each other. The girls both loved being back at school again as they began to miss their friends and I’ve enjoyed being back at work again and talking to people about their New Year’s and Christmas holidays.


I’ve even managed to improve my latte art skills too a little bit. I’ve only mastered doing a heart but baby steps.

How has your first week been?

Rhiannon xxx


Goals for 2018

Happy New Year!!! I have become that typical blogger that reappears at the beginning of a new year just to disappear again. Not this time! I will kick myself in a couple of months when I have done exactly that. 2017 went by so fast and I am glad it is in the past and that I’m ready to move on and to strife to be a better version of myself as the year goes on.

It’s a small list. It’s an easy one. It’s an achievable one which I know I can work towards.


Craft More

I miss crafting and it’s one of the things I really want to make time for this year and get back into doing something I really love.

Go On Holiday/Travel

I’ve not been on a holiday for 4 years and I would love to take the girls away somewhere for a bit of family time. Same as travelling, I would like to see more of what’s around me and where I live.

Read More

I sucked reading last year, I brought so many books from charity shops but just didnt get around to reading them so at least I have enough to get me started!

Save More

Trying to be a responsible adult. Even opened my savings account this morning so go me!


Turns out I’m a bad hoarder and really need to stop basically. I have so many things that are just there for emotional reasons that I need to let go off because it is just wasted space. Same with buying things because I think I need them when I just want it.

Be Healthier

Eating a lot better, less takeaways and sorting out my mental health as it takes a beating some days.

I wish you all the best for 2018 and that it is filled with happiness, unicorns and all the things that make you happy!

Rhiannon xxx

Trip to The Little Pottery Studio

Half term can be hell for some parents. I’m not perfect and yes, we’ve already had one day where we’ve spent nearly all of it in our jim jams so on one of my couple of days off this week, I dragged the girls out nice and early to go do some pottery painting! We’ve all been to the Little Pottery Studio before and made some cute little things for the house including salt and pepper shakers ,mugs and unicorns so we picked some new additions for the house.



Both the girls loved getting their creative minds going with what to do, which colours to pick, what stamps and stickers they could use. Out of all the colours, Ophelia managed to get black in her hair. I swear that her hair just attracts everything it goes near.


I decided to do something a bit Halloween-y so I picked this cute little ghost that I gave a little floral touch to it.


Aurora and Ophelia both picked their own plate to decorate to go with the mugs that we already have a home. I forgot to take photos of the finished plates of the girls but they added their names around the outside of the plate. It won’t be long until I get to pick the finished products as it only takes 7-10 days from when we finish them for our little pieces to be glazed and put in the kiln for that shiny finish. I’m excited to see how these ones turn out and can’t wait to share them.

If you’re ever in Lincoln and are wanting something to do then I would recommend giving the Little Pottery Studio a visit, the staff are lovely and are on hand if you ever need any help and it makes for a great treat to do with the kids or even with friends. Just make sure they have room for you when you visit.

Rhiannon xx

Trip to Woodside Wildlife Park

Now I’m that I’m a full time working mummy, I want to be able to make the most of the summer holidays on the days that I have off and be able to take my girls away on little trips that before I wouldn’t of been able to afford or do. So on Saturday, we took a little trip up to Woodside Wildlife Park which is only a 20 minute drive from my house, so with my voucher from a little magazine that the girls got from school for one child free with every two paying adults off we went. Bonus. We were lucky that there weren’t so many people there with the weather forecast saying it wasn’t going to be amazing so the girls got some amazing views of the animals.


I loved the Meerkats and Otters. I made an ‘awwwing’ noise which can only be described as high enough for dogs to hear. The park had recently had baby Meerkats which sadly we didn’t see, but we did get to see the baby Otters all grown up! Look at how soft their fur is!?


After walking around a bit we came across the Capybara family, (giant guinea pigs) with their three little ones all huddled around Mum while eating. Baby animals bring out the weirdest noises in me I swear. After standing around watching them a little while, we went to watch a show were we got to see a Fox, some birds as well as a few other little animals up close before wandering around some more.


The crocodiles were so still like statues. They only moved once while we were looking at them. I couldn’t get over watching their eyes blink because of the way they moved. Made me feel all funny.


Before the day was over, we went to look have a look at two other shows that were going on, one where we got to see them feed Julia the Tiger and the Lynx cats too, and then a Reptile show where we held a snake and got to stroke some lizards all while a woman stood way too close for comfort with a Tarantula in her hand.

It was a great little day out, we lots of animals seen, lots of cooing over the cuteness of them all and getting to exhaust the girls out on the little play area again. I can’t wait to go back when they get some new animals in!

What’s your favourite animal?

Lazy Sunday


It was nice to spend the day in town. I forget how much history Lincoln has to offer itself and after going on the open top tour bus, there’s a few little more things I notice now. I decided to treat the girls after having such amazing school reports from both Aurora and Ophelia and then having Aurora pass her SATS too (eeeeep!), I figured a little treat would go down well. So first stop in town to prepare us for the walk up Steep Hill was Coffee Bobbins for some epic cakes, if you’ve ever been to Lincoln you will know what I mean by preparing for THAT walk. I picked Chocolate and Raspberry cake and the girls had a Cookie Dough Cheesecake and a Strawberry Lemonade cake.


When we finally got to the top, there was a few little bits going on around the Bailgate area, so after a wander round all the streets, the Craft fair and the Castle grounds, we had a stop and stroked some owls that were up there. I was prepared to take Mozart home with us, each time you went near to stroke him he did this adorable happy dance. I just loved him.


Food time back down the bottom of the hill was Carlucco’s where the girls has lots of pasta as one of them has decided that pigs are too cute to eat so any meat is just a big fat no and well, the little one would just never choose sometimes when left to her own devices, and me this very healthy Abruzzese salad.


To end the day we relaxed in the back garden where I still managed to burn a bit more, even with layers of high factor sun cream on me surround by the odd bee that came to keep us company. It was so nice to have a day with the girls where no arguing happened and the only complaint was that Ophelia thought she would fall down the hill. More Sundays like this please. So now I’m going to end my Sunday with a glass of Gin and Tonic in front of Love Island.

I hope you’ve all had an amazing Sunday


Goals for July


It’s already more than halfway through 2017!?! How mad is that?! I don’t even know where the time has gone, but I need to give myself a big kick up the arse and get things done. The rest of the year is going to be pretty busy and July is going to be one mad month as it is, what with Sport’s day for both my girls and school ending along with all the Year 6 induction days and leaving days for Aurora. I’m not quite ready for her to grow.

So now that we are already 3 days into July I need to set me some goals and try and achieve them.

In the home:

♥ I need to start sorting all the rooms around my house bit by bit as the constant chaos is starting to drive me mad.

♥ Go through all my old clothes and see what I do and do not want to keep.

♥ Tackle the kitchen and start switching all the plastic cups and plates out as my babies aren’t babies anymore. Sad face.

In my life:

♥ I have no other words for it apart from: sort it the fuck out!

Crafty bits:

♥ I want to finish at least two crafty projects as well as get back into some baking as I have a new cake mixer just waiting to be used in my kitchen.

♥ Carry on with my bullet journal.

And everything else:

♥ I would like to try an engage myself more on social media instead of being too scared.

♥ Treat the girls to a day out somewhere.

I’d love to know if you have any goals for this month.

Currently I’m…

Feeling: Deflated

Binge watching: All the latest series of New Girl I recorded

Reading: Red Queen

Eating: Jacket potato with a ton of cheese on top

Drinking: Gin and tonic (I seemed to have grown a taste to like it since turning 30)

Favourite Song: Foo Fighters – Run

Looking Forward To: A meal out with work Wednesday night

Last Thing I Laughed At: My chalkboard sign I did at work

Loving: Love Island! (completely obsessed)

Disliking: The sudden disappearance of the sun

Really Should Be: Dying my hair

Instead I’m: Too easily distracted by the internet

Bad Habit: Picking at split ends

Favourite Quote: Logic will get you from A to B, Imagination will take you everywhere else

Latest craft project: Made my own notebook